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Sparks fly, butterflies flit in your stomach, tiny little hearts pop up in your eyes. He’s all you’ve ever wanted, the only one who understands you, who loves, and cherishes you, and he’s just popped the question. What comes after that is planning the wedding of your dreams to immortalize your love, and to share that love with those dearest to you. But how do you recreate that spark that first bonded you both with your wedding guests? How do you create a truly memorable wedding that represents all that your relationship stands for?

Here’s a wedding post for couples whose ideal date night is a serious sweat session together in the gym. For the couple who eats, sleeps and breathes fitness. For the couple who lives the mantra, “Train together, stay together!”

There are many subtle (and overt!) ways to incorporate fitness and health theme into your wedding. Combine your love of muscles and each other with some fun ideas below:

1) You’ve found the perfect dress that shows off your hard-earned physique. Now it comes to dressing your bridesmaids, the girls who make you laugh a little louder, smile a little bigger and have been there with you through the thick and thin, ups and downs, and squats and sun salutations. Dress your girls in chic sports bras or tank tops, with matching sports shoes and an ethereal skirt to exude a sporty feel for an unconventional wedding party.

Sherlyn Tan wearing wedding dress from Annie Loiseau. Bridesmaids wearing the Loanna Skirt and the Hakken Heels.

Sherlyn Tan wearing wedding dress from Annie Loiseau. Bridesmaids wearing the Loanna Skirt.

Sherlyn Tan wearing wedding dress from Annie Loiseau. Bridesmaids wearing the Loanna Skirt.

Sherlyn Tan wearing wedding dress from Annie Loiseau. Bridesmaids wearing the Cacee Top and the Ambre Skirt.

2) Many couples usually opt to have pre-wedding photos taken before their wedding day. One of the reasons is to get to know your wedding photographer well before the big day so both parties are comfortable with each other. For fitness enthusiasts, instead of going for the traditional beautifully manicured gardens and parks, why not have your wedding pictures taken at the gym where you spend so much time together?

 Photo taken from alinaroseblog.com

3) Bridal bouquets brighten up your wedding day and add a little more charm to your wedding dress that you painstakingly chose. Flowers were originally integrated into wedding ceremonies as a symbol of fertility, with the first bouquet made out of herbs and slowly evolving into the decorative flowers we use today. They also express your personal tastes with each flower symbolizing something different, such as roses representing everlasting love, ivy for fidelity, and so on.However, bouquets can be made out of just about anything... Why not have a beautiful, ornamental bouquet made out of kale representing the healthy lifestyle you share?

 Photo taken from www.greenweddingshoes.com

4) Wedding decorations are often the first impression guests have of the wedding theme and help create the right ambience for the reception. Often vases filled with colour-coordinated flowers stand as centerpieces. How about replacing the vases with trophies? Fill them with flowers for a fun and sporty, competitive vibe while still preserving the grace and feminine appeal of beautiful fresh flowers!

 Photo taken from bridalguide.com

5) It is important for your guests to be able to find their tables and seats easily in a wedding reception to eliminate any additional stress. Put a little twist in guest place cards and table names by using exercise names like ‘lunges’, ‘squats’ or ‘shoulder press’ instead of numbers. You can even get creative and attach them to miniature dumbbells. Seat arrangements could be made into miniature barbells. Your imagination is the only limit!

 Photo taken from www.popsugar.com

Photo taken from crossfitwedding.wordpress.com

6) Nothing can replace having a beautiful cake at your wedding. There is a belief that eating the crumbs of the wedding cake would give guests good luck because the wedding cake is supposed to symbolize happiness and a good life ahead for the newlywed couple. Create a custom wedding cake that is personalized and represents you and your groom as a couple, maybe with a cake topper model of the both of you lifting! Hey, if you’re going to eat cake, make sure it’s a cake that lifts as much as you!

 Photo taken from etsy.com

7) Your wedding day wouldn’t be nearly as fun or memorable without all of your friends and family who travelled near and far to celebrate with you. Express your thanks with wedding favors that are meaningful and will be appreciated by your guests. Don’t lose your personal touch, involve your health and fitness theme in to your thank-you notes and wedding favours!

- Granolas are healthy and offer a heap of health benefits and can be infused into many different recipes. Present them in colourful boxes with mini scoops and this could kick start your guests into starting a healthy lifestyle for themselves!

 Photo taken from www.theknot.com

- For the healthy foodie couple, have your favourite health recipes available for the guests written on beautiful recipe cards. Add a little more flavour to the gift by giving away one of its ingredients to go along with the recipe card!

 Photo taken from flourishinglove.com.au

- Or opt for something as simple and fuss free with fruits like personalized apples and pears, with wedding guests names beautifully etched on to ribbons.

Photo taken from popsugar.com

Good luck with your own interpretation of a sporty themed wedding! If you have any further ideas to suggest, we’d love to hear them in the comment box below!

Sherlyn Tan wearing wedding dress from Annie Loiseau. Bridesmaids wearing the Loanna Skirt and the Hakken Heels. 


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