• The Trick To Looking Bustier

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    Many women with small breasts have likely never found a bra that snugly fits with the appropriate depth and width. They exhaustively search for the perfect bra because having small breasts and not wearing a bra can make one feel somewhat less womanly (not that you need a bigger bust to be more womanly!). Fortunately, there are many options out there and it doesn’t mean resolving to a heavily padded bra that makes you feel like a pillow was strapped to your chest. It also doesn’t have to be going under the knife just to have some added cleavage.

    Some tech-savvy women rely on the ‘liquify’ tool on Adobe Photoshop as well as the multiple apps available on smart phones to enlarge and lift their breasts in pictures. However this only applies to still images and can’t be translated into real life. Also imagine going through hundreds of pictures taken on a beach vacation and editing every one of them!

    Photoshop magic. Image taken from www.wjunction.com.

    There is also the option of using cosmetics to create a more pronounced cleavage. Dark shades are applied to areas of your cleavage where shadow should fall whereas lighter shades are used to highlight. The cons to this are that your make up might run throughout the course of the day and stain your favorite white top as well as that it takes a certain level of skill to perfect this contouring art.

    Kylie Jenner’s breasts contouring make-up mishap. Image taken from www.dailymail.co.uk.

    When it comes to bras, there are so many available options to choose from as well as so many different types of padding. A bra with an underwire gives a slight, natural boost and there are silicon pads that you could fit into your bra to create a fuller, heavier breast.

    Besides a regular push-up bra, there is the ‘Invisible Bra’. This undergarment is seamless, strapless, and backless, making it look beautiful under your clothes. There’s no hassle of hiding your bra straps every time you wear an off-shoulder top or having your bra fastening seen when adorning your favorite backless dress. The additional cleavage is a great bonus. You can be ballerina-flat-and-perky in a tank top one minute and bursting out like a corseted burlesque dancer next.

    We put our own VS Invisible Bra to the test on four real-life women with different breast sizes without the help of tape or body contouring;


    Cheryl’s Original Bra Size: 32A

    “I accept that I am flat-chested but seeing a little shadow between my breasts with the help of the VS Invisible Bra actually makes me feel quite womanly! It’s great that I have this option especially when it comes to wearing V-necked dresses.”

    Leeah’s Original Bra Size: 34A

    “Being a petite woman with naturally small breasts, I can’t believe how much of a difference the VS Invisible Bra looks compared to the bra I usually wear on a daily basis. It’s fun seeing how much more flattering and fuller they look.”

    Michelle’s Original Bra Size: 34D

    “I am already quite busty to begin with but the VS Invisible Bra offers the same support a normal under-wired bra provides me with. The plus side of wearing this bra is being able to wear strapless and backless dresses without committing the crime of straps being shown!”

    Sherlyn Tan’s Original Bra Size: 32A

    Our founder, Sherlyn Tan, recently put the VS Invisible Bra to the test. Who wants their invisible bra to fall off during an important event? It’s important for the invisible bra to be reliable in any conditions it is put under. She wore the bra while exercising followed by taking a dip in the sea to test its reliability.

    In addition to looking bustier, the bra remained in-shape after being drenched in sweat and the glue still maintained its stickiness after being submerged in seawater. (We personally do not encourage you to wear the bra to swim or to workout, this is mainly to test its reliability).

    The VS Invisible Bra.

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