• The Black Coffee Theory of Life, the Universe, and Everything

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     It’s often bitter and ashy, sometimes sharp and acidic, or mild and velvety. The depth of its complexity mirrors life’s challenges, its flavour profile every bit as nuanced as the human psyche.

    Take away the cream and sugar, and you are left with a zero-calorie cup of black. There is a darkness to it that some shy away from, just as we instinctively run away from our problems, but persevere and the acquired taste turns into an appreciation. The bitterness mellows to a delicate earthiness. You realize that the murkiness is not to be feared, for it is in the dark that light shines its brightest.

    You embrace it and let it propel you. As you do, you unveil the strength within yourself, your innate beauty blossoms. You find the Sher in you.

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