• The Razor Collection

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    “She was sharp as a razor and soft as a prayer.” – Tom Waits

    The Razor Collection from Sher by Twenty3 marks my first full collection for Twenty3, and is the first true representation of the new design philosophy that we’re injecting into the brand. I sought to embody all the qualities of Sher into the label, which is grounded in the idea that confidence comes from within. That is why I chose a monochromatic palette with varying shades of grey and black, because I wanted the subtle details in each piece to shine. The gaze is pulled to the strong, structured lines and exaggerated cuts, which is tempered by expert tailoring that accentuates the soft, feminine curves. The resulting pieces give the wearer an air of femininity while projecting an aura of unmistakeable strength.

    While I created this collection with the modern working woman in mind, keep your eyes peeled for elements from the Razor Collection seeping into our runway collection for KL Fashion Week 2015. Here’s a hint as to what we’re working on – Derecho.

    See you at the runway!


    PS. Check out some of the campaign photos we snapped for the Razor Collection!

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