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Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed type of cancer in women. It is caused by a genetic abnormality of uncontrolled growth of breast cells. In conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, throughout the whole of October we will be interviewing breast cancer patients and survivors to share their inspiring stories of strength.


Jenny wearing the Fournier Top, a breast cancer survivor and her daughter, Maggie wearing the Andie Dress.


“I was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer at 38 years old after discovering a lump on my breast. At the time, there was only one type of treatment available, which was Radiotherapy. I had to undergo 12 sessions of radiotherapy, with each session taking place every few days. Many people who discover they have cancer immediately dive into negative thoughts of dying, or how many months they have to live. I on the other hand decided to stay positive because all I wanted to do was beat cancer as I had a family to take care of. I never told them then, as I didn’t want them to worry about me – this will be the first time most of them will have heard of this! I've only told my mother-in-law because she was diagnosed with breast cancer too. I did my best to help her with household chores like cooking, and to support her in times of need even though I was suffering from cancer myself. After completing the initial treatments, I underwent regular check-ups in my first year followed by a check-up in my 5thyear, 10th year etc. I have since beaten breast cancer.” – Jenny


Sherlyn with Jenny and Maggie. 


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