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Picture this familiar scenario.

You come home, drop your bags on the floor and sink onto the couch.


You’re exhausted. And hungry.


Tired, exhausted, just want to sleep


On nights like these, the last thing you would want to do is cook a meal!


What do you do then?

Grab and Go Fast Food Drive-Thru

This doesn't have to be you!

You could fill up on the half-eaten pack of chips on your coffee table, or perhaps make a drive to your nearby McDonald’s. But remember, as you’re making your ‘drive-thru’, you’re also driving yourself further and further away from your health and fitness goals.


If it’s a quick and easy meal you’re looking for, we’ve got just the thing.

And guess what? It’s healthy and yummy too! That’s a win-win-win-win! (That's a lot of wins!)




Stuffed Sweet Potato

 Ready to satisfy your hangriness?

Step by Step Stuffed Potato Instructions


-1 medium sweet potato

-Any topping you have on hand (e.g. tuna, black beans, quinoa, chickpeas)

-Any sauces (e.g. greek yogurt, cottage cheese, guacamole, salsa, hummus)



Place the sweet potato on a microwavable plate and pierce it about 5-6 times with a knife or a fork.


Place it in the microwave, and set the timer to 15 minutes. Let it cook until soft.


While waiting for it to be cooked, prepare the toppings with what you have on hand. Some of our favourites that go really well together are tuna, black beans, quinoa, chickpeas and spinach.


Once cooked, the sweet potato’s thin skin would puff to a crisp finish and you’ll discover a sweet, pillowy flesh! (This depends on the size of the potato)

Slice the sweet potato down the middle lengthwise and generously ‘stuff’ in your toppings. Go crazy!


Dress it up with sauces, like greek yogurt, guacamole and salsa, that are packed with more nutrients and protein than regular mayo and bottled sauces, which are often full of unhealthy fats and preservatives.


Serve it with a side salad and say ‘Hello’ to your scrumptious “meal in 15”!


Sweet potato

If you’re wondering why sweet potatoes are a must-have in your pantry, here are some benefits of this super veg:

  • Rich in Vitamin C, E & D!
  • Contains 2x the amount of fibre than other types of potatoes. That equates to 7 grams of fiber per serving, giving it a “slow burning” quality that keeps you satisfied for longer
  • Potent antioxidant vitamins that play an important role in disease prevention and longevity
  • A great source of Manganese, which helps support healthy blood sugar levels and stabilise the appetite (so you won’t get hangry!)
  • Rich in beta-carotene and contains a high amount of vitamin B6, iron and potassium. All these micronutrients help keep the heart healthy!
  • Plus, there are many things you can do with this versatile veg! Bake it, mash it, soup it, salad it, you name it!

Do you have any go-to recipes for quick, easy and nourishing meals? Share with us in the comments below!




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