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In celebration of Mother's Day this year, we asked some of our Unicorns to share their moms' best advice to them. These are ones we will take with us through life, and with each, we are reminded of the unconditional support and endless love we are all so very thankful to have. Thank you, Mom!

Huicy, Operations Mama Unicorn


"I've always been an independent girl. My mom used to tell the relatives that I've known how to handle my own homework since kindergarten, and they've never had to worry about my academic performance. This was until l I started dating in secondary school. My mom was strict about this and she wanted me to focus only on my academics. So, I started to tell lies whenever I wanted to go out. She then said to me, 不要挂羊头卖狗肉, which roughly means 'Don't lie'. I then felt the need to prove to her that even though I am dating, I can and will get good results. I got 8A's for my PMR and since then, she's never used that sentence on me again!" 

Pei, Digital Marketing Unicorn


"Never let anyone tell you what to do. Be yourself, be independent and you can achieve anything."

SoBu, Fashion Design Unicorn


"Never try to conform if it's wrong. It's OK to say No. That doesn't make us a bad person."

Jenni, Graphic Design Unicorn


"There's a uniqueness in you. Discover the inner & create the outer."

Jonas, Fulfilment & Operations Unicorn


"My mom used to wish for me to get taller and taller with each birthday. She would ask me to do more sports! Now that I have grown taller, I realise it is actually harder to achieve than I thought because friends around me tend to stop growing since primary school 😉 Thank you Mummy for the motivation!"

Vivien, Fashion Unicorn 


"Two advices that I can always remember my Mom giving is, 'Always save for a rainy day because you never know when you need the money!' as well as 'Please don't compare yourself with others. Just be yourself'.

Crystal, Digital Marketing & Editorial Unicorn


“When I was first studying abroad, I was really homesick, to the point of crying every night and wanting to give it all up. My mom said to me then that ‘This, too, shall pass’. And it did. I remind myself of this now each time I am faced with an obstacle. No matter how bad, nothing, is forever.”
Hoi Cheng, Fashion Design Unicorn

Hoi Cheng

"The best advice my Mom gave me is to be happy always, no matter what life throws at you. Life is short. Don't waste it by being sad."

Wana, Customer Support & Social Media Unicorn 


"Don't bother about what they said!
Well, it all started when my parents got divorced when I was 15. I can say that I'm affected by this because I know it won't be the same as before. I got emotionally harassed by the neighbours, and even relatives. But, I know He plans the best for me. I want to show my Mom that nothing's ever gonna stop me from getting flying colours in exams, and prove them wrong, showing that even if you come from a divorced family, you can still succeed. Thanks Mom for make me stronger day by day."

Yen Yon, Fashion Unicorn

Yen Yon

"Start where you are, use what you have. You can do it."

What are some of your most memorable advice from Mom?
Share with us below!
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