• We won the Alliance Bank BizSmart SME Innovation Challenge!

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    We won the Tan Sri Liew Kee Sin Entrepreneurship Award at the Alliance Bank BizSmart SME Innovation Challenge 2015! It is the most prestigious entrepreneurship award for SMEs in Malaysia, and we are absolutely honored to have won it from an exceptional field of SMEs this year. And with 30% of the final score based on public voting, we could not have done it without YOUR support and YOUR votes!



    After months of training on leadership and all aspects of running an SME, and after three pitches to a panel of judges of senior business leaders including Tan Sri Liew Kee Sin of EcoWorld and Malek Ali of BFM, we were humbled when Tan Sri Liew announced our name on stage, and said, “This year’s winner showed the most passion and took the biggest risks, without fear – that’s what defines an entrepreneur.”



    To be honest, we were wary of joining the competition. Just a week before we were invited to participate, another organization had approached us to take part in their own SME awards – only we were required to fork out over RM15,000! So I think we can be pardoned for feeling sceptical when we received the call.


    In the end, I’m glad that we took part. Though the cash prize would go a long way to raising Twenty3 to the next level, it’s the training and the people we’ve met that have made this experience absolutely invaluable. Entrepreneurship is a long, lonely journey – having worked almost solo for 2 years and singlehandedly elevating Twenty3 to the size it is today, it’s been hard to keep friends. I never had the time for anything other than my business, and my friends could never understand the struggles I went through.


    That’s why it’s so great to meet other likeminded peers in the Bizsmart Academy! For the first time, I finally had a group who were going through the same challenges, and who could speak the same language as me. Meeting Tan Sri Liew was an eye-opener, as well: I recognized the same fiery drive and determination in him that I possessed, and to hear his story of success and rebuilding, and to still see that passion after so many years, continues to push me to realize my own dreams.



    A year ago, I was interviewed on BFM about my then-budding business, where I expressed my desire to grow Twenty3 from an online store to a proper brand, to debut at KL Fashion Week, and to be the next Jimmy Choo. I was mocked online for my pipe dreams, but this year, we have already achieved two of those goals!


    This train doesn’t stop at winning this award; we’re going to grow Twenty3 further, to continue to break our limits, and to share our vision with the world: The Beauty in Perseverance.




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  • An Open Letter to the Real Heroes of Twenty3

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    Three years ago, I started Twenty3 as an avenue to pursue my dreams of being a singer and a dancer. With only RM5000, I bootstrapped all the way to turn Twenty3 into the largest single-brand, non-Muslimah online fashion store in Malaysia. And it’s all been made possible by the support of every single one of you beautiful ladies who believe in the brand!

     The first version of Twenty3 (2013)
     twenty3 blogshop


    I’m proud of the relationship we have with all of you. We try to keep open all lines of communication with you, in order to better understand you, and to deliver exactly what you expect and deserve. In fact, every single step of the journey to where we are today came from conversations with YOU.

    Without you, we would not be where we are today.

     In return for your support, we’ve tried to give back to you in our own little ways.

     We cast you in our first fashion show at Publika two years ago instead of runway models, to help you achieve your modelling dreams. Some of you still continue to model for our bridesmaids shoots – you would have grown up with us!

     twenty3 first fashion show

     We invited you to attend our show at KL Fashion Week instead of the usual celebrities, and pushed you to break out of your comfort zone to turn up in a strong look that most of you were uncomfortable with – in the end, we all had a blast together.

     klfw audience

    We continue to write your stories in The Sparrow, stories of hope, strength, and perseverance that most would never get to hear.


    We send you surprise gifts, sometimes for your birthday, sometimes to cheer you up, sometimes for fun, but always to thank you for being awesome.


    My old dreams of being a singer and dancer continue to be just dreams, but I want Twenty3 to be a platform to push people to chase their own dreams. From raising young, talented designers who would normally never be given a chance, to pushing our talented Art Director to pursue her singing ambition, to empowering our wonderful customers with the strength and ambition to break their own limits – that’s what “Beauty In Perseverance” means to us.

     So thank you for being part of this wonderful journey. If you’ve had a great experience with us and would like to help us grow even further, please vote for us in the Alliance Bank SME Innovation Challenge. With your help, we’ll continue to break limits and make you proud.

     vote for twenty3




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  • The Twenty3 Campus Tour Kicks Off!

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    I often receive requests from student groups and universities inviting me to share my experience in starting up Twenty3, but with the breakneck speed at which we’re growing, it’s been hard to find time to fit in all these invitations. Entrepreneurship is basically constant firefighting, so I feel really sorry about this!

    However, with KL Fashion Week ticking ever closer, I’m reminded of what it took to get us to this point – determination and humility. It’s always been my passion to help the next generation of entrepreneurs, and to encourage them to live in the present, follow their hearts, and to chase their dreams.

    I was the stereotypical good girl in school. When I was in university, I never dared to do the things that I loved. I wanted to please everyone but myself; it was just the way I was brought up. I did everything that my parents thought was best for me, just so others would think that I was a good student, and they were therefore good parents. In that regard, I succeeded – I obtained a first class honours.

    But at what cost? I was a good student, but I learned nothing. I gave up my passions, all for good grades. It’s a common problem in Asian societies.

    If I could do it all over again, I would have done it differently. I would have started my entrepreneurial journey earlier in my uni years, and if you’re a student thinking about chasing your dreams, that’s the advice I would give you too.

    1. There’s nothing like the unbound optimism of youth with nothing to lose. No responsibilities to tie you down and kill your dreams. With nothing, you dare to dream.
    2. When you start a business, you’ll discover that the most previous resource is time. When you’re young, you have time to fail, time to pick yourself up, and time to grow. You’ll find you have time to experience both failure and success, and you will learn a thing or two about yourself and the career you’ve chosen.
    3. Youths have more energy and drive! (I sound like an auntie)

    On Wednesday, August 16, we’ll kick off the first leg of the Twenty3 Campus Tour at UTAR Sungai Long. I’ll be there from 10am to 12pm, and I’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have about starting a business. There will also be a pop-up store, so if you’re on campus, we’d love to meet you!

    If I could inspire just one of you to chase your dreams, it will be completely worth it :)

    Keep dreaming,


    PS. If you’d like us to visit your school, please feel free to leave a comment below or send us an email at marketing@twenty3.my

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