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Your heart skips a beat every time you glance at the diamond ring on your engagement finger, especially when light bounces off of its surface making it sparkle and shine, like a snowflake in the sun.

Complement that beautiful engagement ring given to you by planning a winter themed wedding! The wedding doesn’t have to take place in a cold climate. Simple, effective decorations as well as color coordination goes a long way to set a wintery tone, even if your wedding is located in a hot climate. Think shades of blues, silvers and white as well as sparkles, crystals and dashes of glitter.

Check out our suggestions for your winter themed wedding. Spoiler: Olaf not included.


1) Your wedding dress is only worn once in a lifetime, and you will likely have more pictures taken in it than any other outfit. In line with the winter themed wedding reception, pick a white wedding dress encrusted with silver or white crystals. In addition to that, show your appreciation for the effort your bridesmaids have made by dressing them in different shades of snowy white. The texture of their dresses are key to pulling off this look, so look out white lace or embroidery.

Sherlyn wearing wedding dress from Annie Loiseau Bridal. Bridesmaids wearing the Giovon Dress, the Summer Dress Version III and the Prugova Dress.

Bridesmaids wearing the Giovon Dress and the Summer Dress Version III.

“Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.”

 You don’t have to stick to the traditional white dress; you could opt for a shimmery blue wedding dress instead. Complement your beautiful bridesmaids in shades of pastel blues and white for a true blue Frozen look.     

Sherlyn wearing wedding dress from Annie Loiseau Bridal. Bridesmaids wearing the Abramova Dress, the Abramova Top and the Abramova Skirt.

Sherlyn wearing wedding dress from Annie Loiseau Bridal. Bridesmaids wearing the Abramova Dress, the Abramova Top and the Abramova Skirt.

2) Wedding rings are a visual symbol of your love, and your past and future promises. The feeling of each other’s rings when you hold hands is also a tangible reminder of the commitment you’ve made for each other. A wedding ring with diamonds forming the shape of a snowflake is not only the perfect keepsake for your winter themed wedding, it symbolically freezes the both of you in that moment in time.

Photo taken from blog.bettereverafter.com

3) Accessorize the wedding dress of your dreams with a crystal bouquet, instead of a regular bouquet of flowers. It will look like you’re holding a beautifully carved ice sculpture without freezing your hands! It also lasts forever, a memento that you could keep forever to remember your wedding day.

 Photo taken from closeronline.co.uk

4) Instead of having a ring bearer pillow, have rock candy holding your wedding rings during the exchange of vows. Rock candy look like icicle formations - just resist licking them!

 Photo taken from popsugar.com

5) Notify your friends and family of your wedding details with an invitation card fitting the color scheme of a snowy landscape. Add a little snowflake brooch to give them a hint of your wedding theme.

Photo taken from etsy.com

6) Winter is often associated with snowy landscapes in the purest form of white. Decorate each table’s centerpiece with fake snow that feels cool to the touch. It will be visually similar to real snow, and it will last longer (no melting!). Vases of white roses adorned with crystallized bare branches, surrounded by fake snow gives a miniature effect of a romantic, serene winter wonderland.

Photo taken from www.weddingomania.com

7) A simple all white wedding cake decorated with enlarged snowflakes is nothing short of chic, magical, and sums up all the work you’ve put into your winter themed wedding.

Photo taken from fairycakesoffulwell.co.uk

7) Lastly, inject some warmth into your snowy wedding. Nothing is more comforting than a warm cup of hot chocolate. Say thank you to your guests who took the time off to celebrate your union with wedding gifts of jars of creamy chocolate mixed in with miniature marshmallows.

Photo taken from simplypeachy.com

We hope you found some inspiration from these ideas. Good luck with your own wedding, and may your union be as magical as a Disney movie!



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