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Ladies, let’s take some time to revisit your New Year’s resolutions.


Is getting fit and healthy on that list?


Perhaps it’s been on your list for many years now, and with each display of fireworks ringing in the new year, the possibility of actually realising that goal drifts further and further away.


We tell ourselves,

“It’s too hard.”


“I’ll do it later.”


“I’m too busy.”


Well, as the saying goes, “Sometimes, ‘later’ becomes ‘never’.”


It’s time to make your fitness goals more than just ‘goals’. More than just empty promises we make to ourselves, written on a list and forgotten. If you’re ready to start eating to nourish your body, moving and sweating out toxins, and most importantly, believing in yourself and what you’re capable of, we’re here to say, you can do it!


With these five kick-ass Malaysian women on Instagram, you will have the motivation and the information you need to get off the couch and onto the path of everlasting health and fitness.


  1. Nana Al Haleq @nanaalhaleq (84.9k)

Check out Nana's biceps!

Nana’s one of those girls who’s always been active. She was part of the Selangor State Track and Field Team in secondary school and was crowned Best Sportswoman of The Year when she was only 15. She is now a freelance fitness model and motivator, and you can be sure she’ll be able to motivate you!


Follow her for enviable photos of her abs, videos of her working her biceps, and ideas for Malaysian-ised healthy meals such as sambal on grilled salmon and an oil-free stir fry mix of petai and asparagus.



  1. Angeline Ong Li Min @angelineonglimin (21.6k)

Flexibility at its finest!

A woman who wears many hats, Angeline is a photographer, blogger, yoga teacher and personal trainer with a fitness background of more than 17 years. If you want to learn a thing or two about yoga, Angeline’s here for you!


Follow her for insane yoga poses, motivational quotes, and snapshots of her everyday life, including what she eats and what she’s up to at the gym.



  1. Linora Low @linoralow (15k)

Live, love and lift like Linora!

You might have heard Linora on MixFM where she hosts The MIXBlitz and the MIX Sweat Club. She’s as celebrated as a radio talent as she is as a fitness personality, having emceed for a number of events including Spartan Race and Color Run Malaysia. With her high energy and sculpted body, it’s not difficult to see just how much passion she has for fitness.


Follow her for awe-inspiring heavy lifts, updates on the latest fitness events, and a friendly reminder that what men can do, women can do just as well.



  1. Sherlyn Tan @ sherlyn_fitness (14.2k)

Give yourself a good wink!

Sherlyn, our founder, first realised her dream of owning a business with Twenty3. Now, she’s working towards her dream of a fit and healthy lifestyle. “The beauty in perseverance” is her motto and you can bet she’ll inspire you to never give up on what you want.


Follow her for photos of her progress, short workout videos (even ones at the supermarket!), meal prep ideas and genuine, heart-felt words you can definitely relate to.


  1. Joanna Soh @joannasohofficial (13.1k)

When the going gets tough, just keep pushing!

Always bright and bubbly, Joanna shows you living a fit and healthy lifestyle can be lots of fun! She’s real, positive and always open to learn and grow with you. A certified personal trainer, nutrition coach and women’s fitness specialist, Joanna also runs a popular Youtube channel where she shares workout videos, meal plans and tips on building a positive image.


Follow her for positive vibes, self-love, workout routines made easy, and clean eating ideas.


Do you have your very own sources of fitness inspiration? Share with us in the comments below!


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