• Twenty3 Team: Our Moms' Best Advice

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    In celebration of Mother's Day this year, we asked some of our Unicorns to share their moms' best advice to them. These are ones we will take with us through life, and with each, we are reminded of the unconditional support and endless love we are all so very thankful to have. Thank you, Mom!

    Huicy, Operations Mama Unicorn


    "I've always been an independent girl. My mom used to tell the relatives that I've known how to handle my own homework since kindergarten, and they've never had to worry about my academic performance. This was until l I started dating in secondary school. My mom was strict about this and she wanted me to focus only on my academics. So, I started to tell lies whenever I wanted to go out. She then said to me, 不要挂羊头卖狗肉, which roughly means 'Don't lie'. I then felt the need to prove to her that even though I am dating, I can and will get good results. I got 8A's for my PMR and since then, she's never used that sentence on me again!" 

    Pei, Digital Marketing Unicorn


    "Never let anyone tell you what to do. Be yourself, be independent and you can achieve anything."

    SoBu, Fashion Design Unicorn


    "Never try to conform if it's wrong. It's OK to say No. That doesn't make us a bad person."

    Jenni, Graphic Design Unicorn


    "There's a uniqueness in you. Discover the inner & create the outer."

    Jonas, Fulfilment & Operations Unicorn


    "My mom used to wish for me to get taller and taller with each birthday. She would ask me to do more sports! Now that I have grown taller, I realise it is actually harder to achieve than I thought because friends around me tend to stop growing since primary school 😉 Thank you Mummy for the motivation!"

    Vivien, Fashion Unicorn 


    "Two advices that I can always remember my Mom giving is, 'Always save for a rainy day because you never know when you need the money!' as well as 'Please don't compare yourself with others. Just be yourself'.

    Crystal, Digital Marketing & Editorial Unicorn


    “When I was first studying abroad, I was really homesick, to the point of crying every night and wanting to give it all up. My mom said to me then that ‘This, too, shall pass’. And it did. I remind myself of this now each time I am faced with an obstacle. No matter how bad, nothing, is forever.”
    Hoi Cheng, Fashion Design Unicorn

    Hoi Cheng

    "The best advice my Mom gave me is to be happy always, no matter what life throws at you. Life is short. Don't waste it by being sad."

    Wana, Customer Support & Social Media Unicorn 


    "Don't bother about what they said!
    Well, it all started when my parents got divorced when I was 15. I can say that I'm affected by this because I know it won't be the same as before. I got emotionally harassed by the neighbours, and even relatives. But, I know He plans the best for me. I want to show my Mom that nothing's ever gonna stop me from getting flying colours in exams, and prove them wrong, showing that even if you come from a divorced family, you can still succeed. Thanks Mom for make me stronger day by day."

    Yen Yon, Fashion Unicorn

    Yen Yon

    "Start where you are, use what you have. You can do it."

    What are some of your most memorable advice from Mom?
    Share with us below!
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    PeiTwo-Way Alfy Cold Shoulder Shift Dress in Dusty Green
    Jenni: Medini Colour Block Long Sleeve Top in Grey Stripes and White
    Jonas: Zena Men's Top in Black
    Vivien: Syden Off Shoulder Dress in Light Blue
    Crystal: Weylyn Cold Shoulder Shift Dress in Navy Blue
    Hoi Cheng: Sendayan Long Sleeve Jumper with Floral Embroidery in Navy Blue
    Wana: Heliza Peplum Dress with Placement Floral Print in Mint
    Yen Yon: Syden Off Shoulder Dress in Navy Blue

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  • #WonderWomanWednesday – Mom and Entrepreneur, Anabelle Co-Martinent

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    This week’s #WonderWomanWednesday takes us to the calm, wooden interiors of La Juiceria Superfoods, where we were greeted with a fridge full of cold-pressed juices and the warm smile of the woman behind it all, Anabelle Co-Martinent.

    La Juiceria Cold-Pressed Juices

    Anabelle in the Madolen Bridal Gown in Burgundy

    Having moved to Kuala Lumpur as a Chinese-Filipino expat in 2006 with her then newlywed husband, Anabelle has since become not only the founder of one of the most successful cold-pressed juice and health food stores in Malaysia, but also, a mother of 2 beautiful children.

    Today, as we tell of La Juiceria’s founding story, we share Anabelle’s many words of wisdom and advice for mothers, and aspiring entrepreneurs alike.

    A Newborn Baby, And A Newborn Business

    It started in September 2013, when Anabelle was heavily pregnant with her second child. Months into her health journey, Anabelle discovered the simple act of eating better gave her more energy. With this, a vision to bring healthy eating in a convenient way to Malaysians was formed.

    As her pregnancy came to an end, Anabelle created the first La Juiceria logo and juice formulas, with plans to start a business after her son’s delivery.

    “I didn’t know how I was going to do it,” she recalled.

    “I was alone, a foreigner and I had always been in corporate.”

    These thoughts could have very well stopped Anabelle from pursuing her business, but with a nagging feeling inside her, she knew she had to do it.

    Anabelle in the 3-Way Remy Shift Dress in Black

    In the week of her son’s birth, Anaballe ordered organic vegetables online and from a conversation with the delivery guy, she had found her first business partner. He brought on his best friend and together, the three became the first of the La Juiceria team, which has since grown to close to a 100 members, operating an online store, 12 juice bars and two health food cafes.

    On Entrepreneurship: Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way

    This is a statement Anabelle stands strong by.

    With a newborn baby in her arms and a determination to make this business a reality, Anabelle set on to build the La Juiceria website. From photoshoots using her own camera to writing product descriptions while breastfeeding, to replying customers in the middle of the night, Anabelle, together with her team, made it happen.

    Having worked as a producer for BFM before founding La Juiceria, Anabelle had interviewed over 100 entrepreneurs, all of whom shared a common story:

    “It is a hard climb at the beginning but it so fulfilling when you get there.”

    Despite the innevitable hard work, loneliness and setbacks of the entrepreneurial journey, Anabelle encourages us to go for it.

    “You live once. People fear of many things but if you have the heart, find the right time and do it. Of course, don’t just jump in. There’s a reality behind it and you have to be able to sustain and survive. So if you are able to sustain for a year, take a year to try it out. If you fail, you fail. You learn. It’s a life experience.”

    On Motherhood: Nothing Compares To Being A Mother

    Despite her many achievements in her career and entrepreneurial journey, Anabelle shared that no number of awards and no number of new outlets can compare to being a mother.

    “Being a mother is the most rewarding, miraculous thing a woman can ever have and that’s a blessing. It’s something money can’t buy. It’s something that can never be replaced,” she expressed.

    Anabelle With Her Husband and Children

    Anabelle with her family at her daughter's 7th birthday party

    Having met so many mothers, from mothers with young children to mothers with children all grown up and who have left home, the most important thing that Anabelle’s learned is, “Don’t lose yourself in the process.”

    We know of many women, including our own mothers, perhaps, who have taken a step back for their children, moving from “power meetings to power laundry” and in so doing, losing direction.

    “You have to plan something for yourself,” Anabelle emphasised.

    “Keep yourself abreast with what’s happening and what you want to do in life because there will come a time when your children will grow up and leave home.”

    Whether it is part-time, charity work, baking, sewing or starting an online business, Anabelle urges mothers to keep busy, doing something not just for the family, but for themselves.

    On Balancing It All: You Have To Be The Best Of Yourself

    “Wake up early, fill up calendars, have discipline. If you want to achieve many things, it is not impossible. Just keep going every day and when you look back, you’ll go ‘WOW! I’ve done that’ and now, you can reach even more people and make an even bigger difference.”

    Working in the health food industry, Anabelle too has to find time to maintain physical health and fitness. She exercises and chooses healthy as often as she can and despite her love of chocolates and desserts (as every other woman out there), she said, “If you eat right, it is easy to stay in shape.”

    Anabelle's favourite item on the La Juiceria Superfoods menu is the
    Soft Boiled Kampung Egg (with Avocado)!

    In balancing all of being a wife, a mother, handling her business and staying fit, Anabelle shared, “You just do it. You just make it happen.”

    We Need More Women Entrepreneurs

    "Men are everywhere, at the top of the ladder, dominating entrepreneurship awards, because women always take a step back when they have children," she said.

    More than telling us, Anabelle has shown that just as she can, you can do it. You can be a mother. You can be an entrepreneur.

    “Deciding to do it is already a first move. Whether you are successful or you fail, you take it as a life experience.”

    To mothers, women and all dreamers, do something today.


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    Hey, ladies! We understand it’s not easy when it comes to dressing up during pregnancy.

    We asked 3 expecting mommies about their fashion challenges and here’s what they had to say:
    Aki (7 months): “It’s not easy to find maternity clothes that are my style”.
    Natalie (9 months): “There are not many options for maternity clothes that are stylish and my size.”
    Angeline (7 months): “I find it difficult to find stylish clothing for maternity while maintaining comfort, plus, the price is also another concern.”

    Fret not! Here are some useful styles you can go for without sacrificing comfort and paying a whole lot of $$$! (So you can save for when the baby arrives ;) ) Scroll down to look your best no matter how many months you’re in.


    1. Lace It Up!

    For days when you want to show off that baby bump of yours, go for lace lines or stripes. This dress is just right, and comes in black and white.

    SHOP HERE: Vera Lace Overlay Shift Dress in Black


    2. Show A Little Shoulder

    Feeling a little playful? Cold shoulder details help to put a little fun personality into your outfit.

    SHOP HERE: Leanne Cold Shoulder Dress in White
    Tori Cold Shoulder Shift Dress in White
    Adalene Cold Shoulder Shirt Dress in White


     3. Pretty pleats!

    Looking for a dress with more details? These magical pleats will do the trick!

    SHOP HERE: Rhonda Pleated Hem Shift Dress in White
    Mathilda Pleated Panel Shift Dress in Navy Blue


    4. Twinning With Your Mama Bestie? Yesss!


    Glam up! Twin with your mama bestie in playful, fun colours to embrace your beautiful baby bumps! Vibrant shades will help to brighten your day or night out.

    SHOP HERE: Lena Off-Shoulder Bridal Gown in Pink
    Lena Off-Shoulder Bridal Gown in Burgundy


    5. Dark Knight

    Our own knight in shining armour! Choose a darker shade for an easily stylish look, with a bonus slimming effect! 

    SHOP HERE: Addie Oversized T-Shirt Dress in Black
    Vika High Low Hemline Sweater Dress in Black
    Cora Shift Dress in Black


    6. White Out

    To pull off an effortless yet sweet look, choose dresses with light mellow colours and minimal details. 


    SHOP HERE: Oluf Shift Dress in Off-white
    Dorsa Asymmetrical Shift Dress in White
    3-Way Remy Shift Dress in White


    7. Buttons-Up!

    Structured shirt dresses give off a sophisticated look to your style. Plus, buttons come in handy for breastfeeding in the future too!


    SHOP HERE: Jeanette Shirt Dress in Light Blue (Available in stores only)
    Leticia Dress in White


    8. Bring out the youthful side

    This football jersey dress is sure to make you look like a soccer momma, while its colour combination brings out a fun, cheerful vibe.

    SHOP HERE: Reule Football Jersey Dress in Graphic Prints


    9. Lounge In Days

    For days that you just want to snuggle up and snooze in at home with your comfiest outfit.

    SHOP HERE: Kandice Long-sleeved Top in Burgundy
    Kaila Knitted Culottes in Burgundy


    After trying on the Maternity collection, these were their favorites!

    We hope these tips were helpful to you mommies! Remember, you can rock anything you wear when worn with confidence!

    The Maternity Collection is available online and in all stores now. Try them out! If you aren’t in love with it, you can always return it ;)

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  • 6 Stylish Looks to Rock your Baby Bump

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    Few things are more beautiful than a pregnant woman carrying her baby bump. However, most women tend to keep their growing baby bump a secret in the first trimester but upon entering the second, it no longer becomes a secret that they can hide. Clothes that you use to wear daily don’t fit anymore as waistbands becomes tighter and zippers wouldn’t budge.

    “There is nothing to wear!” a sentence that echoes through your thoughts as dressing every day suddenly becomes an obstacle with unwanted stress.  Don’t fall victim to the unflattering, boring maternity dress and don’t give up your personal style just to adapt to your growing baby bump.

    So many of you enjoyed our first Baby Bump Lookbook, and we had so much fun putting it together, that we decided we needed to do a second one! We picked a few pieces from our current collections to inspire all you expectant mothers out there. Modelled by the lovely Huey Ling who is 33 weeks pregnant, here are our maternity style suggestions - with the added advantage of wearing each piece post pregnancy!


    1) The classic fit-and-flare silhouette of the Diaronne Dress has an empire waistline that sits on the top of the baby bump, leaving space for your baby bump to grow comfortably.

    Huey Ling wears the Diaronne Dress (size L) and the Obuwie Flats.


    2) For mothers who embrace colour, the Laszlo Dress with pastel graphics is a more colourful option to decorate your baby bump.

    Huey Ling wearing the Laszlo Dress (size L) and the Hamster Teeth sandals.


    3) Drawstrings are a lifesaver when it comes to creating shape for those who are weary of shift silhouettes. Emphasize your beautiful baby bump with the Leda Dress. Made from a comfortable, stretch material allowing your baby bump to grow with ease from the first trimester into the third trimester.

    Huey Ling wears the Leda Dress from Sher by Twenty3 (size M).


    4) Have a dinner party or a wedding reception to wear but nothing that fits the smart-casual or formal theme? This romper is the go-to for such events as it portrays elegance and class. A drawstring and metal belt is provided to emphasize the waistline post-pregnancy.

    Huey Ling wears the Chelsea Romper (size L) that is launching soon, and the Hakken Heels.


    5) Exude a sport-luxe vibe with the Xonique Dress, whilst keeping warm in cool air-conditioned places with the reversible Kiefer Jacket.

    Huey Ling wears the Xonique Dress from Sher by Twenty3 (size L) and the reversible Kiefer Jacket from Sher by Twenty3 (size L).


    6) Graphic prints and the shift silhouette adds a splash of cheer to your baby bump.

    Huey Ling wearing the Andie Dress (Size L).


    Go on, then, rock that bump in style!

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  • 5 Tips for Dressing the Baby Bump

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    Few things are as lyrically powerful as an expectant mother. Pregnant women are a life-bearing force of nature. However as the growing bump peeks out through button-down shirts and slides across the waistline of your skirt through passing weeks, it no longer becomes a secret from the first trimester. Facing the closet every morning for something to wear suddenly becomes a challenge, moods would shift from confusion to terror; I have nothing to wear!

    Pregnancy does not mean abandoning your personal style in order to adapt to your growing bump. You don’t have to fall victim to the dreaded maternity dress. It just requires a little imagination and a whole lot of confidence to dress that bump, whether you’re carrying high or low, small or big.

    Here are some inspirations to help you get over the hurdle of dressing through your pregnancy through these casual-chic looks accompanied with comfort and style:


    1. Stretchy fabrics that flow over your belly, hips and thighs provide a silhouette that shows off your shape, such as the Ovidio Dress and the Shelbie Dress. The dresses accentuate the beauty of your bump without making you look larger.

    Pei Woon (left) 8 months pregnant, wearing the Ovidio Dress in Grey, size XS; Reesa (right) 5 months pregnant, wearing the Ovidio Dress in Black, size L.

    Pei Woon (left) 8 months pregnant, wearing the Shelbie Dress, size XS; Reesa (right) 5 months pregnant, wearing the Shelbie Dress, size M.


    2. The black Zelia Top paired with black Ibbie Culottes provide a look composed of a cool, relaxed, effortless day-to-night look.

    Reesa, 5 months pregnant, wearing the Zelia Top in Black, size L and the Ibbie Culottes Black, size L.


    3. For women who embrace colour, the Fronna Skirt is a more colourful option. Paired together with the Cybele Top, the cross-split hemline leaves room for the baby to grow. 

    Pei Woon, 8 months pregnant, wearing the Cybele Top in White, size S and the Fronna Skirt, size M.


    4. Statement pieces help draw the eye to your bump, and portrays an air of confidence. The Marcella Dress adds an edge to your bump for subtle strength.

    Reesa, 5 months pregnant, wearing the Marcella Dress, size L.


    5. The Dexie Dress and the Penelope Dress have an empire waistline, allowing your baby bump to grow from your first trimester into your third trimester with the advantage of being able to wear the dresses post-pregnancy. The longer length of the Penelope Dress will help you through the months when your baby bump grows larger and your skirt gets shorter.

    Pei Woon (left), 8 months pregnant, wearing the Dexie Dress in Black, size S; Reesa (right), 5 months pregnant wearing the Penelope Dress in Grey, size M.

    Reesa (left), 5 months pregnant wearing the Penelope Dress in Grey, size M; Sherlyn (center) wearing the Zelia Top in Black, the Ibbie Culottes in Black; Pei Woon (right), 8 months pregnant wearing the Dexie Dress in Black, Size S.

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