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Are you ready for our SPOOKTACULAR HALLOWEEN WORKOUT this Saturday? 
Take it to another level with these real easy costumes you can make on your own!
The costume with the most SPOOKTACULAR votes on the day will win an RM 100 Twenty3 voucher!

Meow! A trained gymnast and an expert hand-to-hand combatant, this Catwoman look is sure to get you ready to kickass!
DIY Cat Ears
Step 1: Draw two equilateral triangles with 3 inch sides on the colour paper. Add ½” to the bottom. This is so you can wrap the bottom of the ears around your headband
 Step 2: Draw two equilateral triangles with about 2 inch sides on the glass paper.
Step 3: Cut out the triangles.
Step 4: Glue the glass paper triangles onto the colour paper.
Step 5: To attach these ‘ears’ to the headband, simply fold a crease along the bottom ½” of your colour paper triangles and tape it around your headband. 
Yoo-hoo! Stay cute and cheery throughout the workout with this Minnie Mouse costume! Those burning thighs won’t be a bother when you look this sweet! 😉
DIY Mouse Ears
Step 1: Using a cellophane tape (or other round structure), draw two circles on black colour paper.
Step 2: Draw a small flap under each circle. This is so you can wrap the bottom of the ears around your headband.
Step 3: Cut the ears out.
Step 4: As with the cat ears, simply fold a crease along the flap and tape the ears around your headband.
 DIY Red Bow
Materials you'll need!
Step 1: Cut out two rectangular shapes (38cm x 10cm and 5cm x 2cm) of red colour paper.
Step 2: Add some glue onto the middle part of the 38cm x 10cm paper. Then, fold the two sides of the paper into the center, making up a length of 16cm. (on photo, can put 1, 2, 3, 4 – with last photo showing the length of it as 16cm)
Step 3: Draw out a ribbon, as you see fit, to easily guide cutting. 
Step 4: Once cut, place some glue on the middle of the bow and stick the 5cm x 2cm paper as shown on the photo.
Step 5: Your bow is now ready! Just tape the bow onto your Minnie Mouse hairband.
TADAA! You have your very own Minnie Mouse ears!
Take it to the skies! Unleash your superpower with this cute look! (Cute, until it’s time to defeat evil!)
DIY Tutu Skirt
Step 1: Fold the tulle into 2 halves, depending on your desired length. Measure the width of the tulle to be about 5cm and mark it with a pencil.
Step 2: Once marked, cut out the tulle and continue for another 20-30 times, depending on the amount required.
Step 3: Using the tulle strips, place the fold of the tulle over your string and fit the end of the tulle into the space between the fold (just like how you used to slip in the ribbon on your bookmark). Pull to tighten the knot. Continue until your tutu skirt is fluffy and all ready to wear! 
DIY Red Bow
This is similar to Minnie Mouse’s red bow, with the bow being sharper towards the top.
You can tape this bow onto your headband or onto your hair elastics which you can then use to tie a bun or ponytail!
Dress for battle! Now’s the time to gather all your strength and get your muscles ready to kill this workout!
Oh, don’t we just love our Puddin’? 🍮 Get ready to go a little cray-cray at our insane workout! Yes, your muscles will be SCREAMING with this costume!
DIY Harley Quinn Make-Up and Hair
1. Fill in Eyebrows

    2. Apply Eyeliner (top and bottom lid)

      3. Apply Mascara

      4. Apply Red Lipstick (Don’t be afraid to get messy!)

        This is where it gets FUN!
        5. Using a thin brush, apply red face paint under and around your right eye.
        6. Do the same with blue face paint under and around your left eye.
        7. Tie your hair into two high pigtails.
        8. Using eyeliner or black face paint, draw a little heart shape under the right eye.
        9. Apply red hair spray all over the bottom end of your right pigtail and blue hair spray all over the bottom end of your left pigtail.
        Ooh, voila!! Ready to hit this workout with a bat?

          The first 50 people to register on the day will be getting a Goodie Bag with:
          1x Laneige Basic & New Water Bank Refreshing Kit
          1x La Juiceria Omega Hydrator
          1x HealthyHolics Protein Balls

          Also look out for our NEW MOVE by Twenty3 pieces, available in limited quantities on the day! Remember to come early for exclusive first dibs!
          Here's a little sneak peek!

          So who will you be coming as?
          Invite your friends, get dressed up and let’s get MOVE-ing!
          Mark your calendars! This Saturday, 10 am – 12 pm at Atria Shopping Gallery (G35)!

          RSVP here!



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