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With International Women's Day coming up next week, Tea by Twenty3 wants to celebrate you --- and wants YOU to celebrate you. But we know it's not easy for anyone. Take the women on our #WonderWomenWednesday series --- they're unquestionably champions, but they've struggled with self-doubt, low self-esteem, and lots of other pesky negative self-things.

So how do you make yourself feel like the superwoman that you are? We have some ideas.

1. Be okay with your off-days. There are no two ways about it: there will be bad days, whether they happen in your job, your workouts, your love life, or even your ability to be a nice person. They're so much a part of everyone's life that we think someone should add "off-days" to that saying about nothing being certain except death and taxes.

 So we hope you'll be kind to yourself on your off-days. Remind yourself that if you didn't have any of them you'd be an alien, and that even an off-day can be progress. A day in your weightlifting routine where you can't seem to get your form right, for example, is still better than not working out at all.

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2. Never forget --- you don't truly know what goes through anyone's head but your own. People's lives often look amazing on social media, in the family Christmas card, or when you run into them hanging out with their friends at a trendy coffeehouse. But there's a high chance that there's a lot you aren't seeing. No one's thoughts are eternally sparkles and gold dust --- we all have dark places in our minds. Because most of us (understandably) don't wave our worst thoughts on a banner for the entire world to see, it's easy to feel alone, weird, or like a loser when you're down. Remember that someone else probably feels the same way.

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 3. Surround yourself with people who recognize that you're a human being. If you have people in your life who appreciate that you're a complex, flawed person, and who love and encourage you anyway, hold them tight and don't let go. It's totally fine for your friends and family not to agree with everything about you, as long as they give you constructive, respectful criticism and allow you to make self-improvement choices on your own terms. Find people who gently and lovingly push you to be better --- and who lift you up on those days when you're struggling to be even mildly okay with a single thing about yourself.

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4. Keep a gratitude journal -- with a twist. Gratitude journals have become a tremendously popular practice for helping people through challenging situations (remember the 100 Days of Gratitude social media challenge?). We want you to do something a bit different: a gratitude journal of personal victories. Write about how you made a delicious triple-layer passionfruit cake with your sister --- or about how you tried to make a delicious triple-layer passionfruit cake with your sister, completely messed it up, but had a fun afternoon with your sister anyway. Write about how you loved your outfit, mastered the cat eye, wore a t-shirt that made you laugh. The small victories count.

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5. Look in the mirror when you start your day. Smile at yourself and think about the cool things the person looking back at you is going to do today. Say out loud (and share with us, if you like!) how you're working on loving yourself. If you don't know where to start, here are some suggestions:

I'm working on my ____ 
I love my ____
I'm pumped about my ____
I'm thinking about my ____
I'm improving my ____
I'm working out my ____

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Repeat steps 1-5 every day. Have fun feeling like an empress!


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