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What better way to celebrate your love than by marrying the love of your life on Valentine’s Day? After all, it’s the day dedicated to love, the most whimsically romantic day of the year. Plus, it has the added benefit of being an easy date to remember for your groom!

Your wedding ceremony won’t only bring everyone you love together; with love in the air and on the calendar, your single friends just might meet their Mr. or Mrs. Right at the wedding party!

Planning a Valentines Day wedding is fun, and the decorations can be simple. The color palette is already synonymously set to pinks and reds. Keep in mind to plan early, as it’s one of the most popular dates of the year to get married!

Below is our whimsical guide to planning a wedding filled with hearts and flowers:


1) Many Valentine’s Day brides would choose to incorporate hues of reds or pinks into their attire, whether its a red dress, or a white dress with pink accents. If you want to stick to the traditional white dress, then dress your bridesmaids in Valentine’s colors. Think reds, pinks, whites and burgundy. Go for romanticism with voluminous skirts for midi dresses, flowy maxi dresses, delicate lace, and traditional luxurious fabrics like satins and silks.

Sherlyn wearing wedding dress from Annie Loiseau Bridal. Bridesmaids wearing the Galene Dress, the Ottavia Dress, the Monroe Dress and the Hakken Heels.

Bridesmaids wearing the Josette Dress in both short and long, and the Hakken Heels.

Bridesmaids wearing the Allyson Dress and Hakken Heels.

2) “Wear your heart on your sleeve.”

Or be quirky and wear your heart on your wedding day shoes. After all, Cinderella’s shoes brought her, her happy ever after. If it’s good enough for her, it’s good enough for you.

Photo taken from www.weddingbells.ca

3) Incorporate elements of Valentines Day, whether it’s colors or shapes, into your groom’s and best men’s attire. Match pink and red ties with red socks, or swap out boring boutonnieres with cut out hearts. Get creative! It’s your one chance to style them however you want!

Photo taken from www.popsugar.com

4) A beautiful red floral arrangement would certainly give a striking and dramatic contrast to your white wedding gown. Roses are common, but other blooms such as bright wine colored dahlias, deep red carnations and berry colored tulips can be just as romantic and stylish.

Photo taken from www.instyle.com

5) Floral decorations are simple and effective. Pick a variety of different colored roses, ranging from whites to pinks to reds, and place them in decorative vases as centerpieces. To add a little more flair and drama, candles and scattered rose petals create an even more romantic atmosphere.

Photo taken from weddingcolors.net

6) What about writing your marriage vows on a heart?

Photo taken from www.popsugar.com

7) You can also have your guests’ names written in hearts attached to each individual chair for seating arrangements. 

Photo taken from www.weddingbells.ca

8) There can never be too many heart-shaped props at a Valentines Day wedding. Line your aisle with hearts leading up to a beautiful larger than life heart backdrop, where you and your groom will exchange vows. This is also the perfect backdrop for some simply memorable photos!

Photo taken from www.popsugar.com

9) Heart balloons not only make for a wedding photo prop, they also look great in videos when everyone lets them loose at the reception. The balloons will also keep the kids entertained while the grown-ups enjoy the ceremony.

 Photo taken from wedding.allwomenstalk.com

10) Cupid’s in the house! How about a whimsically fun Valentine’s Day themed cake with Cupid’s arrow striking your cake?

Photo taken from www.weddingbells.ca

11) Send guests home with something sweet, packaged in a creative way. Steal their hearts with a festive box of sweetheart candy and leave a little note on it saying, “Thank you for being our Valentines!”

 Photo taken from www.marthastewartweddings.com

12) Last but not least, Valentines Day is all about the love you have for the people you care for. This one is from the bridesmaids to the bride; give your BFF a unique gift on her special day; your love framed in the form of lipstick-stained kisses!

 Photo taken from www.weddingbells.ca

Even if you’re not getting married on Valentine’s Day, consider incorporating some of these touches for a truly love-filled day!



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