NEWGENE Cov1d-l9 Oral Fluid Test Kit (SaIiva Test Kit)

RM 31.00 RM 19.90

NEWGENE BIOENGINEERING Cov1d-l9 Antigen Detection Test Kit (Saliva Test Kit) - 1 Test/Unit

NEWGENE'S manufacturing system meets GMP standards for medical devices, and it is certified and approved by Medical Device Authority (MDA) Malaysia

The COV1D-l9 Antigen Rapid Test (Oral Fluid) is a single-use test kit intended to detect the novel coronavirus SARS-C0V-2 that causes COV1D-l9 in human oral fluid. This test is designed for home use with self-collected oral fluid samples from symptomatic individuals who are suspected of being infected with COVlD-l9

The COVlD-I9 Antigen Rapid Test (Oral Fluid) obtain a preliminary results only, the final confirmation should be based on clinical diagnostic results.


  • PRODUCT: Cov1d-l9 Oral Fluid Test Kit (SaIiva Test Kit)
  • QUANTITY: 1 Test Kit 
  • TYPE: SaIiva Test Kit 
  • APPLICATION: Cov1d-l9 Screening (Using stool or sputum sample)
  • TESTING TIME: 15 Minutes
  • NEWGENE MANUFACTURING SYSTEM: Certified by Medical Device Authority (MDA) Malaysia
  • RESULT INTERPRETATION: Simple Visual Interpretation 
  • EASY TO USE: all reagents are ready to use (sputum collection material included)
  • (1) Sensitivity:  97.1%
  • (2) Accuracy:  98.97%
  • STORAGE: Store at room temperature (2-30°C). Shelf life is 18 months.
  • GLOBAL RECOGNITION: Registered in 20+ countries and exported to 50+ countries.
  • (1) Detection Kit x1
  • (2) Sample Extraction x1
  • (3) Cotton Swab x1
  • (4) Paper Cup x1
  • (5) Packaging Insert x1
  • (1) Easy oral fluid specimen collection
  • (2) Fast result in 15 minutes assay time
  • (3) Easy and convenient testing process for professionals
  • (4) Effective in detecting the SARS-C0V-2 variant
  • (5) No need for extra equipment
  • (6) Easy specimen collection. 
  • (7) High accuracy 
  • (1) Read the instructions leaflet in the kit carefully prior to first use.
  • (2) For people who are not able to perform the test themselves, the test should be conducted by the legal guardians.
  • (3) For children under the age of 15, the self-test should be conducted under adult supervision.
  • (4)This test detects SARS-C0V-2 antigen in nasal swab samples and saliva samples.
  • (5) For people who has recent nasal trauma or surgery, or has severe coagulopathy, gentle operation is required for nasal swab collection to avoid injuries to the nose.
  • (6) Please use the components provided in the kit for testing. Do not use components from other sources.
  • (7) Please use this product in a place with sufficient light, so as to interpret the results accurately.
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- Do not mix colors
- Do not bleach
- Do not soak
- Avoid direct sunlight when drying
- Iron / steam with low heat

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